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I met Dr. Ryan Oakley during a photo shoot for LIVING Magazine last month.  Then his office called to request a photo shoot for the office.  They needed some new photos for the website and other promotional marketing material.  Fantastic!  I love it when clients tell me what they need and then trust my creative spirit enough to let me loose.  That’s exactly what happened with this shoot.  Some photographers may view taking photos of a dentists’ office as boring.  Not me.  I loved the challenge of lighting and finding the right angles to shoot the various rooms.  And the challenge of finding something creative in the every day life of this busy dental office.  These are just a few of my favorites..

As I was shooting, Dr. Oakley stepped outside and posed.  I love his energy and that’s the photo in the middle of the collage!

Find new in the everyday.  Find the inspiration in the mundane.  Find your truth among the chaos.


Spring Creek Dentistry Photos

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