Pierce’s 5th Birthday | Houston Event Photographer

Pierce’s Mom, Tiffany, asked me to photograph her son’s birthday party about 6 months prior to the event.  The party was held on Pleasure Pier in Galveston!  What a great setting for a birthday party!  The day of the party started off gloomy and raining.  But by the time the guests were heading to the Pier, the sun came out and it was beautiful!  I just love these images from the party – everything from the decorations to the cake to the guests were perfectly coordinated and beautiful.  Family and friends gathered to eat lunch together, be entertained, and be family together.  This is what is important – sharing these milestones with each other and just being together.

Blessings to you, Pierce, and your friends and family for your fifth birthday.  I go with you on this journey of life…

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