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There’s no better way to give your home personality than covering your walls with favorite family photos! But we’ve all been there… staring down a bare wall with no idea where to begin! Which photos? In what frames? And how do you arrange them?  First, RELAX! Here are a few tips to get you on your way!

Tip #1: A single picture must be large enough for the wall on which it will be hung or you will create a desolate look instead of a warm, inviting one. Smaller frames have more impact when grouped together.

Anderson Collage 2

Tip #2: Place your frames at eye level, usually five feet from the floor. If your room has high ceilings, hang them slightly higher.

Durand Wall Guide 2

Tip #3: Create an interesting arrangement by displaying frames of varying shape and size. Hang frames both horizontally and vertically to add interest.

McDaniel Wall Guide 1

Tip#4: Plan the layout of your frames before hanging, either using paper cut the same size as your pictures and placed on the wall, or by arranging them on a workspace or floor. Take it slow. Planning it out before you grab the hammer will avoid a smattering of extra nail holes in your walls (and a whole lot of frustration)!

Tip #5: Not sure which photos to display?  First, don’t worry about the pictures themselves, or their ‘compatibility’ with the room. If you like the pictures, they will be perfect in any room! If you’re worried about having a sense of unity, create one by selecting mats and frames in the colors and styles that fit your room’s decor. The frames themselves do not have to be identical to each other as long as they are compatible with the decor, as well as to each other.

No work of art is more precious than your own family portraits, and they should be treated as such! The right framing and wall arrangement can turn any home into a premier gallery!



Family Craft: People Magnets

We’ve all seen cute magnets with your favorite cartoon characters; why not make magnets with your favorite real-life people? All you need are some extra snapshots and a few sheets of magnetic paper (one side magnet, one side sticky) from the office supply store.  First, cut your photos into fun shapes by tracing a cookie cutter, or around the bodies like a paper doll.  Peel back the adhesive cover on the magnet sheet and attach your pictures.

Try to fit them close together to use as much of the sheet as possible. Lastly, cut the pictures out with the magnet still attached, leaving no magnet showing around the edges.

Attach to your fridge and enjoy!  Your new friends will be there to hold your great artwork and greet you every time you get a snack!

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