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As a Houston event photographer, I get inquiries about baptisms.  Mom and Dad both contacted me about baby’s baptism.  The date was quickly approaching and they had to find a photographer.  Luckily I was able to find a sitter and meet them at the church!  Ten babies were baptized in this special Catholic service.  The sanctuary was filled with crying babies, talking parents, and squirming brothers and sisters.  Glorious chaos.  Parents and Godparents stood faithfully and supported this baby.  Grandparents, too, were there to witness.  After the baptism, family gathered for dinner at a local restaurant, continuing the celebration of family and community.


Through the waters of baptism, we are connected as one in community together.  The family stretches beyond traditional norms of blood lines and reaches the entire body of human kind who will influence, teach, and raise this baby boy.  He will have friends, teachers, mentors, role-models, and others who will guide him along a path where he can truly be himself in whatever capacity that may be.  Baptism is a way of honoring that connectivity and support that we share as community.  We are one.

St. Michael’s Catholic Church

St. Michael Catholic Church is located in west Houston very near to the Galleria. St. Michael is a parish community of 5,640 households and a 500 student school. The parishioners, clergy and staff of the parish/school strive to be faithful to the mission of Christ through its liturgical, educational and social service ministries. St. Michael Church offers two daily Masses and six on Sundays in our 1,200 seat church, as well as opportunities for reception of all other sacraments. The parish has programs in education and pastoral ministry for children, youth and adults as well as a vibrant social ministry outreach. The programs and services of the parish continue to grow. The school provides an excellent education in an intentionally Catholic environment. Each new parishioner adds a richness to our faith community which allows us to more fully reflect the Body of Christ in today’s society.

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