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Tara Flannery is a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) based in The Woodlands and Conroe, TX.  Tara Flannery Photography specializes in family portraits and can help with clothing colors for family photos.  See more family photos in the gallery.  Contact me to book your family portrait today!

Clothing Colors for Family Photos

During the family consultations, we talk about wardrobe.  This is often the hardest part for Mom.  She’s the one usually in charge of finding outfits for everyone that will coordinate and look good in the family photos.  As your photographer, it’s my job to help with this task!  I have examples to show you from other family portrait sessions so you can see what colors you like that coordinate well together.  Here are some tips for selecting wardrobe.

  1. Location: consider the location of your family photo session.  If it’s indoors in the studio, colors should be in the same tone as the background that you’ll be using.  So if it’s a light background, choose lighter colors.  If it’s a darker background, choose darker colors.  If the session will be outdoors, choose colors that will coordinate and be complimentary to an outdoor scene with lots of greens and browns.  I really enjoy blues in an outdoor scene.
  2. Colors: many families like to wear jeans or khakis.  These are great options and do not count toward your color choices.  Choose two or three coordinating colors.  Remember the color wheel from art class?  Here is a great article on color theory.  Depending on your tastes and preferences, choose complimentary colors directly across from each other on the color wheel.  Or choose monochromatic colors in different hues.
  3. Review: once you have chosen a color palette and wardrobe pieces, lay them out together.  Review the selections and see if anything in particular stands out or doesn’t coordinate.  Adjust as needed.

Choosing clothing colors for family photos can be fun!  With these tips and a little preparation, you will be ready for some beautiful family portraits!

The Paul Family

I photographed the Paul family several years ago and this year, the kids were in town for the holidays.  We were able to catch up and get some gorgeous family portraits!  The session started in the studio (it was December in Texas so you never know what the weather will be like).  It’s always a good idea to have a safe location option in case of bad weather.  Then we moved outside and the weather was absolutely perfect!  The timing couldn’t have been better…we captured the family just as the sun was setting on the horizon.  Between individual portraits of the kids and parents to the entire family and some fun shots in between, it was a family portrait session success!

Color choices for family photos couple studio shotClothing Colors for Family Photos family studio woman outdoors with vibrant colors and matching scenerywoman leaning against a tree with yellow blouse and yellow foliagechoosing clothing colors for family photosfamily walking and talking and laughing in the woods family photos

Tara Flannery is a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) based in The Woodlands and Conroe, TX.  Tara Flannery Photography specializes in family portraits.  See more family photos in the gallery.  Contact me to book your family portrait today!

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