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Trent contacted me about updated business headshots.  I’m so glad that we did!  His LinkedIn profile picture was about 15 years old!!  Time for a new headshot, friend.  Trent has also been working really hard on losing weight and has lost about 30 pounds so far!  Way to go!  His updated headshots will reflect his hard work and show the new Trent.  He told me that he’d like to lose another 10 pounds and that we can do another session soon.  I can’t wait to photograph him again – with a formal look and a more casual look.

People do business with people.  Whether it’s the physician, a realtor, or a business deal, you interact with a person in every business industry.  The interactions and connections you make with those people instill trust and confidence that they can get the job done.  In today’s market, many of our connections with people are in digital form – email, text, messenger, even sometimes a phone call.  But there is something about seeing a person’s face and meeting their eyes that allows you to connect with another human being.  Even just a headshot photo allows you to feel like you know the person on the other end of your business deal.  Make sure your headshot is recent, professional, and nothing less than fantastic!

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Envoy Mortgage has been successful for over fifteen years because of its people, systems and technology.

The most important asset, however, is its people. We at Envoy Mortgage have licensed mortgage professionals who maintain high standards and uphold our strong values and ethics. Additionally, we understand the importance of providing great customer service.

Our company includes mortgage lenders veterans from across the nation and the highest number of Certified Mortgage Lender® at one independent mortgage lender in the entire state of Texas, all of whom earned the highest level of mortgage certification.

Houston headshot photographer business headshots

Houston Headshot Photographer business headshots

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