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Oh, how we love soccer!  It has been the best thing for my son Trevor.  He runs for about an hour during practice and games and has lots of positive reinforcement from his coaches.  And he’s learning a new skill.  He has learned to play as a team – pass the ball and communicate with his teammates to get the ball down the field.  His coach is amazing – very patient, consistent, focused, and fun!  I’m so proud of Trevor and the entire team.  I get so excited when any of the boys scores a goal.  That’s me on the sidelines screaming at the top of my lungs.  I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

This season, I photographed the team for their individual photos and the team photo!  What an honor – these boys are great and I love how each of their personalities shines in these photos.  Some are quiet and barely crack a smile when scoring a goal.  Others are the opposite and make up their own victory dances!

As you can see from the team photo (I only posted the funny one), at 6 years old it’s important to have fun!  Coach makes sure that happens too.

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