Lauren + Jorge | Houston Wedding Photographer

As we were discussing this shoot, Lauren told me that they would be wearing casual clothes and she wanted a fun backdrop for their photos and thought downtown would definitely be the place.  I was totally excited!  YES!  Let’s go downtown and explore and see what we can find.  We started in Market Square and wandered from there…I love all of the different scenes.

So, Jorge, being the guy, didn’t say a whole lot during our shoot.  Just the occasional suggestion or comment…UNTIL the very end.  When we found the graffiti wall and the really cool old beat-up run-down battle-worn car.  Jorge came alive!  He told me a story about his brother who once had a car like this that was given to him by an older lady whose husband had died.  He loved finding this car and doing our final “scene” of this engagement story here.  What a perfect ending.

Congrats Lauren and Jorge!  I go with you on this journey of life and wish you the very best.

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