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A photographer friend of mine recommended me for this commercial photography job.  The company is completely redoing their website and needed some updated photos!  Perfect!  Headshots for the “team” section and some “action” shots as well.  Customers like to see faces when they visit your website.  People do business with people.  Period.  It’s easier to do business if you can see a face that goes with your name tag.  Let people see who you are on your website and they will more easily relate to you and know you and appreciate your efforts.

“At Double D Industries L.L.C. we believe in leading from the front. Whether it’s on the job or in the entire civil utility construction industry, Double D Industries delivers dynamic performance. We employ an “old school” work ethic and proactive approach while implementing modern means and methods. We utilize the latest technology available to safely deliver projects while maintaining quality workmanship. We understand that time is money and that is why if you get the chance to let Double D Industries off the chain our sole mission will be to impress your corporate office and field personnel with our speed, attentiveness and professionalism. Paying attention to detail is how we get it done faster and more accurately for our customers in order to maximize profitability. We also understand communication is the key to the success of your project. At Double D Industries we will coordinate closely with your project managers and superintendents to stay in front of the curve and attack the critical path that will set the pace for the entire project. “Do one thing, do it well” is what we believe; we know underground civil construction and we do that very well. We won’t pretend to be anything other than that and we want your business. Efficiency, uniformity, consistency and integrity are words we live by every day at Double D Industries… constantly improving and striving to master the things we already do well. Lastly we want to develop lasting relationships with every customer we have the pleasure to work with, because we recognize that if our customers are winning… so are we.”

For more information about Double D Industries, visit the website here.

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