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I’m so excited to announce an exclusive new line of beauty portraits with Tara Flannery Photography!  I am launching this new line of portraits because we (and I include me) WOMEN have been UNLIT for so long.

It’s time to be LIT.

Women have been told by our culture, our entertainment, and our society, how we should look, how we should feel, what we should eat, and what we should wear.  It’s no wonder we feel inadequate.

It’s time to be LIT.

I compare myself to the women in the ads, the commercials, the movies.  Why?  Those women are not me.

It’s time to be LIT.

It’s time to take back the truth.  The truth is that we’re not supposed to look the same, dress the same, act the same – that is the beauty of this crazy life.

It’s time to take back YOUR truth.  Women, who you are is not your labels: mother, student, wife, teacher, daughter, garbage collector, employee, girlfriend, CEO.  Who you are is the million things that make you YOU and no one else.  Beautiful and worthy, just as you are.  Not in – let me lose 10 pounds.  Not in – let me find the perfect outfit.  Not in – let me get my life together.  Not then.  NOW!  Beautiful and worthy, just as you are.

Be LIT from within.  Be Loving (of yourself).  Be Inspired (by something and act on it).  Be True (to who you are).

I hope you will join me on this journey – I hope we will all discover our truth along the way.

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